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Zen Real Estate

Dalene Zender


Zen Real Estate is owned by Dalene Zender, who has been licensed and active in Walker County since 1996. She began her real estate career under the supervision of her aunt, long-time Huntsville resident and well-known real estate broker, Dalene Smither. While attending Sam Houston State University, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Acedemic Studies. Following graduation, she worked briefly as a schoolteacher; however, she soon realized that her passion was real estate so she began a full-time career as an agent and later as a broker. Her 25 years of experience include all aspects of real estate, property management, and investments. 

Dalene opened ZEN Real Estate in 2021. Her vision is to offer unique, individualized services characteristic of a boutique brokerage. The goal of Zen Real Estate is to give each of our clients a real estate experience that is smooth, easy and seamless, whether the client is a Seller, Buyer, Landlord, or Investor. 

ZEN Real Estate is a boutique real estate brokerage which allows our agents to give all clients the personal attention necessary for each transaction. The goal of our entire staf is to make certain that each person who chooses ZEN Real Estate experiences a professional approach that is as easy and seamless as possible 

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